River House Showroom

Tim Glastetter, artist and designer, is focused on giving life to tired furniture and walls. The River House restoration, developed into his Showroom, was a project near to his heart.

The property was purchased ten years ago with the dual purpose for Tim's workshop and studio and as a rustic weekend getaway for his family. At time of purchase, the River House was condemned and the fourteen acres it sits on was nothing more than a dumping ground.  Insurance for the property and its out buildings was only obtainable thru a high-risk policy and agreement of a 90-day review.  

Fast-forward ten years to 2017:

Even though the general shape and style have remained the same, many have declared that the house just isn’t recognizable. As Tim visualized what the River House should look like, the important items he kept in his design were:

  • 1960s vintage charm and welcoming feel
  • Good exterior sight lines and a clean, uncluttered street view
  • Utilizing color, texture and artifacts from the property, still needed to fit into its context: a wooded bluff overlooking the river
  • An open floor plan, clean with lots of natural light.  Rooms should flow with ease and comfort, no stress and not overdone with the focus on the river as “natural artwork” 
  • With modern appliances and fixtures the styles blend seamlessly together

True to Tim’s vision, he reclaimed as much original material from the property and utilized it to restore and beautify the house and out buildings. Everything in the photo above has been reclaimed. 

Reclaimed Maple cabinetry finished in a Stainless Steel paint finish.

Bottle opener mounted to reclaimed and painted outdoor kitchen.

Property artifact, cleaned, waxed and mounted for the River House feel.

“The River House is where my family relaxes and entertains, its where good people come together to enjoy and experience nature at its best.  Its peaceful, a place for quiet reflection and it can get lively with a live band playing outside under the pavilion with dancing and music till the wee hours of the morning.

The River House is still used as my studio where designers visit to review samples and finalize finishes.  It’s also a destination for artists from around the nation to visit, relax, paint and get their creativity reenergized.

The main floor serves as my showroom where examples of my work are put into context with the use of paint, light, color, reclaimed materials, reclaimed artifacts from the property and the use of interior design which brings them all together.”

- Tim

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