Interior Spaces

Ceilings and walls are designed to frame and connect our interior spaces.  Well-designed interior spaces are critical for achieving the type of sanctuary you desire, whether that is to create an atmosphere that supports relaxation and rejuvenation or one that lends itself to efficiency to make your life more productive.   Color, texture and sheen are used to create the finishes that cover our interior spaces and make them come to life. 

By adding some simple moldings and using my specialized technique for overglazing a metallic finish, this homeowner was able to transform ordinary drywall into a stately water closet with rich bronze walls and a stunning antiqued patina finish reminiscent of rich woodgrains.

Using a two-color blend of hand applied raw plaster gives an already beautiful foyer extra allure creating uniqueness, sophistication and a palatial feel.


Hand Applied Polished Plaster

Ordinary rooms become resplendent with the application of hand polished plaster, creating a classic finish often referred to as Venetian Plaster.   This application is an alternative to traditional paint and is often used to create a stunning, monarchial mood.  Different degrees of brilliance may be achieved by the extent to which the plaster is burnished.

The detail in the picture illustrates the high-level of sheen that can be achieved by the degree to which the plaster is burnished.  Other techniques can be applied to achieve even greater luster, if desired.

This close-up of the walls above, shows the depth that can be achieved with hand applied polished plaster.   The depth and sheen of these finishes can be altered to suit your individual tastes and design needs.    


Hand Applied Raw Plaster

An interior finish creates a beautiful palette that provides the perfect showcase for the owner’s accoutrements while also creating a sense of harmony in the home.  This elegant, velvety look is accomplished by using a specialized technique with the application of two tinted shades of raw plaster.  

The photo to the right highlights the depths achieved by contrasting the two tinted shades of raw plaster.  The perfect intersection of beauty and function can be obtained by altering both the contrast and depth. While this is a very elegant look, clients have commented that it is also extremely practical and forgiving for households with active families. 


Smooth Transparent Interference

Tim enjoys the challenge of blending artistry and function to enhance your home. Tim was faced with the conundrum of producing a visually pleasing aesthetic while also satisfying the environmental requirements of an indoor pool.   This mesmerizing ceiling finish was created by using a fusion of mediums.   Style and color were accomplished by mixing iridescent and interference color mediums.   To withstand the constant moisture of the pool, transparent and translucent mediums were applied in thin layers producing the illusion of water in motion. 

This magnification of the pool room ceiling highlights the semblance of the water’s movement in the pool below. Functionally, a waterproof finish was applied while also providing an enchanting, artistic environment for family and guests to enjoy.

Additional Examples

Using an exclusive technique with an aging glaze, Tim can alter the appearance of routine drywall to create the appearance of soft, smooth, svelte leather on the walls of this bathroom.  A stunning monochromatic effect can be created by altering the technique and using the same colors on different elements in the room, such as the crown molding in this picture.

A dramatic, embossed stone effect, shown on this ceiling, can be produced by using a unique application of sculpting plaster and natural stonewash pigments.  The molding and remaining ceiling areas were finished with a combination of warm silver and champagne tones, then overglazed with an oxidizing glaze.

Plain, painted drywall was completely refashioned to achieve this dazzling, elegant stone-like finish by applying several techniques involving sculpting plaster, overglazing and metallics.  This combination creates a versatile look that can be either opulent or stunningly chic depending on the design requirements.  

A more pastoral ambience for the walls of this guest cottage was created by adding aggregate to tinted raw plaster. 

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